Handheld Solutions


Organizations Served

   - Code Enforcement

  - Traffic Law  Enforcement
   -  Meter Reading

   - Order Entry

Health Care
   - Clinical Encounter

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Ionware develops mobile business applications. Using years of experience we develop and support applications that will operate independently or interface with third party software.  Our ability to  understand and meet the needs of the mobile environment has proven to be of benefit to clients searching for business solutions utilizing the PalmOS and PocketPC platforms.

Handheld solutions require the knowledge of several non unified technologies.  Ionware's success stems from the ability to merge the gap between these different technologies.  The end user experience is fruitful by its complexity yet pleasant by its simplicity. 


Wanted:  New opportunities to provide business solutions with PalmOS and PocketPC handheld devices.




Ionware, Inc., 1455 Westhampton View Lane, Chesterfield, MO 63005

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